The company of Scholl & Kovo- Halla s.r.o. was founded in 2001. Since our beginning, we have been active in the field of metal products manufacturing and we have been offering all products and services at a level of quality corresponding with European norms and standards.

Thanks to the quality acquired in the manufacture of glass-shipping racks we acquired the Certificate of Conformity No. 512990019 as a producer or its authorized representative for European Union countries.
Since september 2007 we have been chartered organisation in system of quality operate process according to STN EN ISO 3834 but also certified producer of steel construction follow by DIN 18800-7:2002_09 class C.
In these times we are in lead time activity according to norms ISO 9001.

Our principal activity is the production of steel products (steel glass-holding racks, steel staircases, guardrails, canopies, containers, fabricated steel structures, etc.) for the domestic and foreign market, but especially for the construction, glass-making and automotive industries. More than 80% of our production is destined for export to many European Union countries. During the production of all our products, we place strong emphasis on thorough planning, meticulous production and timely assembly.

Our professionally elaborated project plans (AutoCAD) and modern production processes guarantee the highest-quality technological production of our products according to our clients’ wishes.

Besides offering the full range of locksmith services, we also provide surface treatment of products, such as sand-blasting, lacquering and zinc-coating. The high proficiency of our workers, as well as our long-term experience in the field of metal products manufacturing is the guarantee of your satisfaction and our successful cooperation.